Manna Plumbing specializes in re-piping apartment buildings, townhouses and hotels.

The Solution

We are a re-piping company, that’s all we do


Although the cost to repair a domestic water system will always be cheaper than replacing it, there comes a time when the only sensible solution is to re-pipe. Just like your car, eventually it just doesn’t make sense to keep repairing it when you know it is worn out. Call a specialist. Manna Plumbing specializes in replacing domestic water piping in apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses and hotels.


Manna Plumbing will provide:

  • > Free evaluation and quotation of your buildings water piping system
  • > Contract with quoted price
  • > Design and engineering of a new domestic water piping system
  • > Skilled trades people on staff (no sub-trade hiring)
  • > Uniformed courteous staff
  • > Project foreman from start of project to finish
  • > Host an “Information Meeting” at the building for residents
  • > Project Schedule
  • > Permits
  • > Inspection Reports from Plumbing and Building Inspectors
  • > Notification to residents of entry dates, water shutdowns & completion
  • > Drywall & tile repair
  • > Repairing textured ceilings and walls
  • > Fixture or Faucet replacement (if necessary)
  • > Asbestos abatement (if necessary)
  • > Daily cleanup
  • > Painting
  • > $5 million liability insurance
  • > Bonding
  • > Worksafe BC compliance
  • > As-built drawings to show piping locations