Manna Plumbing specializes in re-piping apartment buildings, townhouses and hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a re-piping company, that’s all we do

How do I choose a re-pipe contractor?

When deciding on a re-pipe contractor there is more than price to consider.


  • > Ask for current references.
  • > Talk to local plumbing inspectors. They usually know which contractors do quality work.
  • > Ask to see a current project underway
  • > Are their employees paid an hourly wage, or on a contract price? When on a contract price, the quality of a project may suffer.


How much will a re-pipe of my building cost?

The cost to re-pipe a building varies depending on the number of units, the number of plumbing fixtures in each unit, and the degree of difficulty in accessing each fixture. Please call for a free quote.