Manna Plumbing specializes in re-piping apartment buildings, townhouses and hotels.

About Us

We are are-piping company, that’s all we do

Our Heritage

Manna Plumbing was started in 2000 by Chris & Vicky Kobilke. After working for other re-piping companies for close to 15 years, Chris saw there was an opportunity to start a new re-piping company that would combine a high level of professionalism with the integrity that customers were looking for. Manna Plumbing’s first re-piping job was a 33 unit co-op in east Vancouver. Along with the knowledge and experience he had gained over the years, Chris assembled a crew of skilled trades people and the rest is history.

Us, Who We Are

Manna’s staff of tradespeople have developed a reputation that is second to none. Our employees are not only good at their job, they are good with people. Manna’s reputation as a leader in the re-piping industry was built on both our employee’s skill, and their courteous and friendly manner. Manna’s employees understand that they are not working at a job site, but in someone’s home. Being friendly and polite is not just part of the job, it’s who we are.