Manna Plumbing specializes in re-piping apartment buildings, townhouses and hotels.

Poly B Piping Replacement

Poly-B Piping

Polybutylene piping (Poly-B, Poly B, Poly b) was installed in many buildings in the Lower Mainland from the late 70’s to the late 90’s. It’s use was discontinued due to the failure of the piping. The chlorination of the drinking water resulted in the pipe and fittings weakening and eventually breaking down. Many stratas are discovering that their insurance providers are raising deductibles or refusing to insure the buildings at all.


Presently in many cases insurance providers are raising deductibles to the point where the policies are not really providing reasonable coverage. The deductibles are being raised so high that the insurer is taking away any risk of paying for damages and repairs.

Discuss with your insurer the benefits of repiping your building or complex.